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My Personal Website

HTML/CSS Site Featuring a Bootstrap Framework

My personal website is a responsive design, HTML/CSS site with a custom Bootstrap Framework. The home page features has an animation effect on the title. The Resumé page is a Bootstrap Template page. The contact form utilizes PHP to deliver form content to my email.

Rosedale Water Store

Bootstrap Framework

*LIVE SITE* This responsive website was designed directly from a hand drawn image sent by text from the client. You will notice that many of the features of the site are unactive. The client insisted on these features being present. They also did not allow for a home button, so I made the store logo a link to the home page.

Rosedale Page Wordpress

Rosedale Water Store

A WordPress Site

This is an alternative Rosedale Water Store site I made for the same client in Fort Dodge. Although the client wanted a user-friendly site that they could easily add content, the client had requests that demanded a custom HTML/CSS site.

Advertising Affect Image

Advertising Effect

Featuring Animation with Keyframes

This project was a great learning experience on responsively centering a div! The animation and keyframes were generated by Ana Travas at the site Animista.

What You Don't See Page Image

What You Don't See

A WordPress Site

This WordPress site is developed in conjunction with a fellow student. It is a final project for my WordPress class. The client, Iowa Narcotics Officers Association, has supplied great guidance and assets to produce the site. The theme is Graduate by Themepalace and we have added custom CSS. The most challenging part is researching plugins that fit with the client's specific needs.

Sweet Buffet Image

The Sweet Bufet

A WordPress Site

This yummy site is a Woo Commerce Storefront site. In this project, I had to set up a PayPal Sandbox account to test the transactions. Setting attributes and variables for the products, choosing categories, and how to display pages and categories was the goal of this intensive commerce project.

To The Limit Image

To The Limit

A WordPress Site

This project involved various stages of development. First, we researched choosing a theme, use supplied content and adding our own downloaded images. The second stage was modifying the theme with custom CSS. We then added functionality with plugins for a calendar, events, and special announcement plugins.